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Jim Carlyle

Life-long Texan - moved to Troup with my parents at the age of 4 months at the beginning of the Great East Texas Oil Boom.

Graduated from Troup High School in 1948, SMU in 1951. Enlisted (along with Emory Howell also of 52-H) as a civilian directly into the Air Force aviation cadet program. Emory and I rode the train from Dallas to Tucson (Marana) in mid November of 1951. We were taken to Willie after 6-weeks to get our uniform allotment. After graduation, I flew B-47Es for SAC.

I chose to leave the Air Force after my 49 month commitment and returned home to civilian life and a partnership with my Father in a country-town lumber yard later expanded to a second store. Entered into the Residential and Commercial construction business, and am a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Was founding Board Chairman of Allied Building Stores, Inc. of Monroe, LA - a Dealer-Owned Cooperative of Retail Building Material Dealers. Company founded in 1980 and still active doing approximately $1,000,000,000 in business in 2005-06 business year.

Was founding Board Chairman of ProfitMaster Computer Systems, Inc. Developed, marketed and supported the first interactive software program on the market for retail building material dealers, hardware, auto supply and furniture stores. Managed inventory, Point of Sale, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable. Purchasing/Receiving, General Ledger and Payroll. Control of this company has since been sold.

Active member of the United Methodist Church in Troup and have held every office except Pastor and President of the Women's Society of Christian Service.

Married to Dora Elizabeth Woodward, my college sweetheart, following my graduation from pilot training. Currently approaching our 54th anniversary. We have three surviving children, 52, 50 and 44 years of age. All healthy and doing well in their chosen avocations. Grandparents to 5 girls and 4 boys. Two oldest now college graduates. One working for the University of North Texas in the Vice-Chancellor for Political Affairs in Austin, her younger sister is in medical school in Galveston and their younger brother graduates from the University of Texas on December 9 with a degree in Civil engineering. Two next oldest entered college as freshmen this September (2006). The other four are in various stages of high school, middle school and elementary school.

Active in local city government - two terms on the City Council and two as Mayor. Volunteer fireman for 61 continuous years. Went on fire department at the age of 14 during WW II when there were only old men and boys to do the job. Later went through EMT-Paramedic school and served as a volunteer Paramedic for our fire department for 16 years. Certified Fire Department Instructor.

Served on the County 911 Board of Directors for 21 years. Was responsible for planning and constructing a state-of-the-art center for our agency that will withstand an F5 tornado and an armed attack with anything smaller than a 50-caliber machine gun. This structure has been toured by delegations from London, Ireland and Tokyo as well as many other agencies from the US & Canada.

My hobbies are gardening, yard work, church and civic work, grand children and spending time with my wife. I am an avid user of the Internet and keep up with many, many friends from around the world.

I hold Commercial, Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings and have approximately 6,000 flight hours although I no longer fly as a pilot, nor is my physical current.