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Mike Spaight

After graduation from Luke I was assigned to the 310th Fighter Bomber Squadron in Korea.

When the war ended, I was transferred to 5th AF Headquarters in Seoul. At the end of my tour I was assigned to the 612th Fighter Squadron at England AFB, LA flying the F-86. Our first assignment was to participate in operation “Night Hawk” which was to do air to ground gunnery at night.

Shortly after that program ended we transitioned to the F-84F and later participated in the movie “The McConnell Story”.

Civilian Flying:

After discharge in 1955 I returned to Hondo as a civilian instructor where I flew T-34s and T-28s for about three years until Hondo was closed.

I then attended Wichita State to complete my engineering degree. While in school, I flew the F-86L with the Kansas ANG.

While there I acquired a job with Boeing as a Flight Test Engineer. After a year I was given a Co-Pilot job on the Buff.

In 1962 I moved to LTV in Greenville, TX to fly the C-130, KC-135 and various other aircraft. My first program there was to develop a KC-135 as an air refueling receiver.

During this time I flew C-119s with AF Reserve. During the Viet Nam era I flew KC-97Ls with the ANG.

After retiring from the Guard in 1976 I flew a corporate jet for a race car team.


Married Ellen Marie Zinsmeyer (a Hondo girl) in 1954. We have six children and raised a seventh. Twelve grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Member of The American Legion, VFW and current president of the Military Officers Assoc.