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Classes 52-F, 52-G and 52-H produced quite a few distinguished officers, who made the Air Force their career.  Below is a list of those who became Air Force Generals.  Click on the name to read a biography.

Lieutenant General

Robert M. Bond 52-G USAF
Edgar A. Chavarria 52-H USAF
Hans H. Driessnack 52-G USAF
Alf Granviken 52-H Royal Norwegian Air Force
Herman O. Thomson 52-G USAF

Major General

Jack R. Brasher 52-G USAF
Lawrence D. Garrison 52-H USAF
Frank L. Hettlinger 52-H USAF
Jorgen A. F. Jorgensen 52-G Royal Danish Air Force
William G. MacLaren, Jr. 52-H USAF
Robert W. McDonald 52-H USAF
Harry A. Morris 52-H USAF
John R. Paulk 52-H USAF
Donald T. Schweitzer 52-H USAF

Brigadier General

James E. Darst 52-G USAF
James I. Granger 52-G USAF
Richard R. Hefton 52-H USAF
Thomas E. Lacy 52-G USAF
Gerald E. McIlmoyle 52-H USAF
Robert H. Neitz 52-G USAF
John P. Russell 52-G USAF
William R. Turnipseed, Jr. 52-G USAF