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General Donald T. Schweitzer

Major General Donald T. Schweitzer was assigned as the Mobilization Assistant to Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans, Operations and Readiness, Headquarters US Air Force, Washington, DC.

General Schweitzer was born in McKeesport, Pa., on January 7, 1930. He graduated from high school in Seat Pleasant, Md. He received his bachelor of science degree in 1950 from the University of Maryland and a master of arts degree from Central Michigan University in 1977.

During the Korean conflict in 1951, General Schweitzer enlisted in the Air Force Cadet Program. He accomplished pilot training at Malden Air Base, MO., and Reese Air Force Base, TX, in 1952. His first tactical assignment was as a C-119 troop carrier pilot in Japan and Indochina, logging 137 combat hours. He completed his active duty tour at Sewart Air Force Base, TN, as an instructor pilot and simulator instructor.

From February 1957 to September 1976, he was a member of the Air Force Reserve at Andrews Air Force Base, Md.,serving with the 459th Tactical Airlift Wing. During this time he served as ground training officer, flight commander, functional check flight pilot, squadron operations officer, plans officer, instructor pilot/flight examiner, chief of standardization/evaluation, group director of operations, group commander and wing vice commander. He attended Instrument Pilot Instructor School in Waco. TX., in 1960. In September 1976 General Schweitzer was assigned as the mobilization assistant to the assistant deputy chief of staff, plans and operations, Headquarters US Air Force, Washington, DC. He retired in June 1980.

His civilian occupation was Captain, American Airlines.