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A gentleman in New Zealand, Peter Gill,has collected flight handbooks for a variety of aircraft, then scanned them. These electronic copies are available for sale. I bought the C-119G, and C-119B / C-119C handbooks. He graciously divided the handbooks into 10MB segments, so they would be easier to download.

If you would like to contribute the handbook for a familiar aircraft, such as the F-84 or F-86, please order a copy from , send me a copy of your invoice, and I will ask Peter Gill to divide the handbook into segments (if required), then will add the handbook to the 52-G website.

C-119B and C-119C handbook

The C-119G handbook was divided into six segments:

C-119G-1.htm Description & Procedures
C-119G-2.htm Normal Procedures
C-119G-3.htm Auxiliary Equipment
C-119G-4.htm Flight Characteristics
C-119G-5.htm Charts & Tables
C-119G-6.htm Charts & Tables